American Airlines Center is home to National Basketball Association, Dallas Mavericks and National Hockey League. A popular concert and sports venue

The American Airlines Center

Apr 24, 2014

Victory Park
2500 Victory Ave., Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 222-3687

The American Airlines Center, also fondly known as AAC, is a stadium albeit a concert hall and event venue located in Victory Park in downtown Dallas neighborhood. It is one of the most popular multi-purpose arena in Dallas and is home to the National Basketball Association and Dallas Mavericks and the National Hockey League. The venue broke ground and was launched in 2001 and cost the city of Dallas approximately $420 million to build.

The many reasons to visit AAC for a show or game

By many people’s standards, the AAC is a very nice, clean and modern event venue. The stadium has been designed to ensure that everyone who attends gets a good view of what is going on in the thick of things. Getting in and out of the stadium is also very easy, the staff are often helpful and willing to help you find your way around. As we all know, watching a concert or a catching a game at a venue like this means wrestling with large crowds of people. Getting in and out of the place, parking, traffic and crowd control is absolutely essential.

AAC people and staff does a good job for most Dallas charter bus events.

AAC - Behind The Scenes

Former owner of Dallas Mavericks who was then H. Ross Perot Jr., and Dallas Stars felt that the Reunion Arena, which they have called home for some time, have become inadequate and not in proportion to their growing fan base. Hence, the building for American Airlines Center was approved but in 1999, American Airlines picked up the rights to name the place for $195 million. The plan was in tune to their intention to move their headquarters to Fort Worth near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

It was launched in 2001 to a record-breaking ribbon-cutting ceremony and had its first event a day right after the opening ceremony.

Little known facts about American Airlines Center:-

  • The design and structure of the arena was based on Little Mexico, where most of Dallas’ Mexican American people found their footing.
  • In a short clip during The Simpsons episode of ‘The Burns and the Bees’, the American Airlines Center was featured ‘Dallas Arena’.
  • In 2011, the venue was where The X Factor was filmed during the audition stages in June.
  • It was said that ‘Hell in a Cell’ will be held at American Airlines Center in October 2014.

Awards and recognition

The event venue have gone on to win many accolades which includes Real Estate Deals Award in 2002 by Dallas Business Journal, Best New Major Concert Venue in 2001 by Pollstar Magazine, Facility of Merit in 2002 by Athletic Business, QUOIN Award in 2002 by Associated General Contractors of America for the specific chapter and region and Phoenix Award from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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