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Sep 28, 2012 - John F. Kennedy Memorial

The simple memorial dedicated to one of the finest man, and president, of the United States of America is located at Main and Market Streets in downtown Dallas. It is an integral fixture of the city’s urban landscape and has become a cultural heritage. Consider Bus Rental Dallas to transport you to the memorial.

The memorial was designed by renowned American architect Philip Johnson. It features a square, roofless room and measures at 30 feet in height and is 50 by 50 feet wide. Symbolizing the free spirited John F. Kennedy, the block-ish memorial has narrow openings facing south and north.

The memorial has eight columns that extend to the ground and features light fixtures. At night, when the lights are on, the memorial seems suspended in air as though supported only by lights at the bottom. The corners and open doors of the memorial are decorated with rows of concrete medallions, each perfectly aligned and identical.

Visitors to the memorial will have to walk up a slight incline to enter the room where they are able to see the name John Fitzgerald Kennedy carved into low-hewn granite square.

The memorial is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dallas with numbers going into hundreds of thousands annually. Commemorations are held at the memorial annually on November 22nd.

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