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Dec 14, 2012 - Fun at the State Fair

Riding into Dallas on a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus hired from Bus Rental Dallas, between the months of September and October, head down to the State Fair of Texas.

Originally known as the Dallas State Fair and Exposition, the State Fair began in 1886. Organized by a group of Dallas businessmen, the Dallas State Fair was primarily a livestock show in the beginning. The State Fair grew from year to year, adding more attractions such as concerts, balloon ascents, displays of farm machinery, and appearances by public figures. At the turn of the century, with the invention of the automobile and plane, automobile racing was held to replace the loss of horse racing, and flight displays were held to thrill the crowds.

The State Fair gained in popularity each year, becoming a key fall attraction for visitors. In 1968, more than 3 million people visited the State Fair for the first time. Since the 60s, each year’s Fair has been staged to a theme. At the dawn of the new millennium, major corporate sponsorship has played a key role in the State Fair.

Texas is a very big state, and traveling across Texas to attractions like the State Fair of Texas is made easier by renting a charter bus from Bus Rentals Dallas. As you and your group arrive at the State Fair of Texas, there are several main attractions you will not want to miss. The Fair promises fun and entertainment for the whole family.

The main focus of the State Fair is the Midway. As you stroll along its course, you will find numerous shows, attractions and small food and beverage places. You can take the Texas Skyway, riding high above the Midway, giving you a birds eye view of the State Fair.

As you wander around the Fair, get the charter bus to drop you off so that you can catch a free concert at the Bud Light Sound Stage, admire a revolving display of classic automobiles and motorcycles at the Classic Corral, and visit the Greenhouse on the Midway. Kids will be thrilled to catch the BMX Bike Show, while parents can watch celebrity chefs do their thing in the Celebrity Kitchen. There are horse and livestock shows, displays by the U.S. Marines Marching Band, nightly fireworks displays and parades, and much more.

Visit the State Fair of Texas with Bus Rentals Dallas. You will be pleased with our friendly personalized service.